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How do I book classes?


The classes are booked through a booking app which is accessible here.

What do I do if I need to cancel?


You can cancel the classes via the app by unregistering yourself manually. 


How much notice do I need to give and will I lose money?


As long as you cancel within 12 hours from the start of the classes the app will automatically refund you. 


What are the membership options?


We offer a one class a week membership for £40 a month, a two class per week membership for £70 or a 3 class per week membership for £100. 


What classes do you offer?


We offer non-contact boxing fitness classes and technique classes which are an introduction to contact boxing.  

We  offer Strength and Build classes which focus on the compound lifts such as squat, deadlift, bench press and military press.

We also offer conditioning classes which are  high intensity circuit classes. 


I’ve never boxed before, do you offer a beginner’s boxing class?


All of our classes allow members to work at their own pace and so all of our classes are suitable for beginners or any ability level. 


What do I need to bring?


For boxing fitness classes or self-defence classes you will need suitable sports attire and a water bottle. For boxing technique classes you will also require a gum shield. 


What can I expect to learn?


In fitness classes you will learn basic bag and pad-work as well as how to skip and lift weights relevant to the circuits with the correct technique. 


How many people are in a class?


In children's classes there are a maximum of 10 students, in adult fitness classes a maximum of 8 and in boxing technique classes a maximum of 6. 

Personal Training

What type of PT do you offer?


As personal training is goal specific, it is completely tailored to the individual and based on what they are trying to achieve. Anyone can benefit from personal training and each client’s program is unique in its application. 


Do I need to be a member of Harry’s?

No, people can book personal training sessions regardless of whether they attend the club classes. 


Can I pay for a one-off session?


Yes, however booking per month does come with a bulk buying discount. 

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